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Since the tempered/toughened glass has become a safety norm for public places, shopping malls and residences the demand is high. There comes the LG TUFF working with industry leaders, contractors and fabricators to ensure the international standards been served always.

LG TUFF processes best in class Fully tempered Glass, where glass sheet is sourced from renowned glass manufactures, complying to ASTM standards. Our production environment with adequate quality and safety standards results best customer satisfaction always. Our tempering lines with the latest technology provide tempered and Heat Strengthened Glass in full compliance with t(ASTM C1048 and BS 12150 1-2). Our machines are producing best optical quality for the most delicate Low E Coatings (Single, Double, and Triple Silver) through full convection processing with temperature raising up to approx. 620°C.

Fully Tempered: 4 mm to 19 mm.
Heat Strengthened: 4 mm to 10 mm.
Roller Waves: 0.1 per 300 mm.
Capacity: 60,000 m2 per month.
Maximum Size: 2,600 x 4,800 mm.